Carlos Lu unterrichtet Katonah Yoga bei Fuß über Kopf in Stuttgart West.

Yoga Workshop mit Carlos Lu: Sa. 7.9. und So. 8.9.

– Awaken to the Wisdom of your Body –
mit Carlos Lu 

How do I carry myself? What is my body language telling me and my surroundings as to how I feel? Can I awaken to the wisdom of my body to live joyfully?
Using the teachings of Yoga and Tai Ji, practice to orient yourself in time and space, live in the flow of life’s Five Moving Forces and experience a deeper connection to all that is. In this workshop, learn archetypal postures to allow your organs and glands the space to fit and function optimally. Expect to move, dance, breathe deeply, learn mindfulness practices and shift your perception. If you feel you need to open a whole new window on the body as a portal into being, this experience is for you. Once you recognize patterns you are holding, you will develop a toolbox from this workshop to transform your everyday life. All levels welcome.

Samstag, 7. September: 13:30-17:00 (inkl. 30min Pause):

Topics: Five Moving Forces Tai Ji; First Circle Moving Meditation; 12 Organ Meridian Qi Gong; Transmuting essential human emotions; The body is the mind, the mind is the body; Center and Surroundings Yoga; Flushing Organs; Breath Work and Relaxation

Sonntag, 8. September: 12:00-15:30 (inkl. 30min Pause):

Topics: Five Moving Forces; 12 Organ Pathways; Polarities and the power of transformation; Organ work in yoga; Yoga Flow Practice; Breath Work, Meditation and Relaxation

Lehrer: Carlos Lu mit Assistenz von Andrea

About Carlos:
Carlos Lu is a lifelong student of Yoga, Tai Ji and Qi Gong. Drawing from his studies with different wisdom traditions, his practice and his experience, he teaches a method that awakens one to the innate wisdom of the body to live a joyful, easeful and graceful life! 

55,- pro Modul
100,- für beide Module

95,- für beide Module (Early Bird bis 31.7.2019)
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